What is Fact-Finding?

Fact-finding is an objective investigation of and reporting on employee complaints (including discrimination and sex harassment), at any stage of a complaint. The purpose of this service is not to determine the validity or merit of a complaint, but rather to collect and present facts to decision makers on both sides of an issue.

Determination of Facts Through:

  • Examination of Documents
  • Witness Interviews
  • Review of All Related Materials

How Does it Work?

No Presentation of Investigator's Opinion or Conclusions:

  • Can be done at any time - From the first informal/internal complaint through formal legal proceedings.
  • Provides all Parties to complaint with neutral factual basis for negotiation and decision making.
  • Often carries greater credibility because Fact-Finding is not carried out directly by Employer with whome/against a complaint is lodged.
  • Encourages greater candor in witnesses because they are not speaking directly with Employer.
  • May be given enhanced weight by ultimate adjudicator - Judge, Jury, Government Agency, etc - because Fact-Finding is conducted by an outside neutral.

Mr. Javits has extensive experience in fact-finding. He has been a criminal investigator, performed investigations of unfair labor practice for the National Labor Relations Board and, as an advocate he has prepared numerous cases for hearings and trial.